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Digital transformation is challenging - but offers
Significant challenges

✓  Get working software to customers as quickly as possible
  Allow teams to achieve higher levels of resilience with containerization
  From Idea to production, test your product continuously with Behavior Driven Development and Agile test Management



Complementary Sourcing

Helps bank to achieve greater ability to change

DevOps CI/CD

Increase agility of the IT team in the form of automated testing.

Container Journey

Achieve higher levels of resilience with portability across various infrastructures

Robotic process automation

Improve performance of any bussiness process enabling reduction in labor costs, raise in throughput, increase reliability and quality


Solve more workflow problems

We help banks automate their process with the latest RPA tools . With our innovative COE-Loom we Improve performance of any bussiness process enabling reduction in labor costs, raise in throughput, increase reliability and quality.

Trust and Local Focus: Our recipe for success

Our aim is to be flexible and listen to our clients needs in order to
gain a full understanding of the challenges they face. We give Local
support with International Experience.



(eSolve Managed Application and System Services) eSolve Managed Application Services (eSoMAS) is a set of services offered by eSolve to banks (using Leading Banking Software product) as a strategic method for improved, effective and efficient operations inclusive of production support and lifecycle development/maintenance activities. eSoMAS are designed to offer banks the freedom and cost-efficiencies of reliably outsourcing (either partially or fully) the maintenance and enhancement of Leading Banking Software solutions. Aimed at maximizing the functionality of Leading Banking Software, these services ensure that the bank’s solutions evolve as its business does. The managed services ensure that Leading Banking Software solutions are managed and operated on a 24X7 basis, in a highly available and secure environment to transact business efficiently. Services are also provided for customization management.




RFP (Request For Proposal)

RFP (Request For Proposal)

This is a pre-requisite for any business contract. Any requirement of a Bank, namely, implementation, satellite development, support etc. requires a proposal for consideration by the Vendor (Supplier).

The proposal should outline the requirements in a detailed manner with test cases and sample scenarios. Preparation of this kind of proposal needs business knowledge and product exposure so that the requirements are best explained.

eSolve with its experience in Banking (over, 50 man years of Banking) and technology(over 60 man years of Technology experience) is well placed to achieve the proposal preparation. With their experience and exposure, they would be in a position to recommend business re-engineering, where required, if the requirement is not a common business practice.

eSolve also has the experience and expertise to estimate an RFP written by a Bank and its users.






Most Banks use multiple software applications including stand alone applications. There is always a requirement that data flows from one system to another for compiling a report , sending out a message or consolidating the data etc.

This is best achieved by Interfaces between systems. eSolve has proven experience in designing and delivering Interface developments .





  • This phase involves
  • Planning
  • Hardware selection
  • Solution architecture
  • Designing etc

eSolve understands each step in its totality and can contribute in any/all of the traits at pre-implementation stage.






Core applications such as Leading Banking Software/FINACLE/FLEXCUBE provide most of the standard functionalities of Banks as practised internationally. But there are some Local Market Practices (LMP) which are not catered to readily in packaged software.

This requires local development and they are classified as Satellite Development as they sit in the periphery of the core application.

eSolve has specialists who can understand the requirements thoroughly and design developments to cater to the requirement.

These developments are normally done by us onsite by deputing experienced Consultants/Architects.